Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Sometime during the month of May 1983 was my last day of offical work. Work where I got up every morning, dressed appropriately, and went out into the world to interact with the public, to answer the phone, and to push papers around. I traded that in to stay at home, for a brief while as a pregnant woman, and then as a mom: first to one, then to two.

In those twenty-five years, I've raised two pretty incredible human beings, started a craft business, become computer and internet savvy, outlived my in-laws and my mother, become a mother-in-law, gone through menopause, self-published a book, and managed to negogiate all this without killing anyone (especially teen-aged boys)-- not in that order, but then when is life ordered?

Maybe I'll give myself a party. Have some chocolate. Get a massage. Buy some yarn.

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