Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is completely off the topic of knitting, unless you're one to collect, card, spin and knit pet hair.

I think I've reached my saturation point with the cats, all three of them, all 35 years of them (if you add up their ages).

Last week, we made a big mistake and bought a self-cleaning litter box. It probably would work if we had only one small, co-operative cat, but having three (two of which are large, one of which is sly and manipulative) made it utterly impossible. Miss Sly Pants figured out how to pee on the wrong side of the automatic sweeper so that said sweeper clogged and couldn't move at all. And having three cats meant that I had to check the status of the box four or five times a day to make sure that it was operating properly.

And then someone pooped in the guest room. So that was that. I cleaned up the new box as best as I could and put the old, scoop-by-hand box back. I hope it makes them (the cats) happy.

Anybody out there want a barely used automatic self-cleaning litter box?

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