Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Design Process

Designing always ends up taking more time, effort and brain power than I plan for. It seems, every time, as if it's going to be easy (this time). I have the idea, I have the sketch, the yarn, the time--I'm ready to go.

I write the pattern as I'm working, and there is most certainly ripping out and re-writing that goes on. I usually end up with at least three drafts of a pattern before I finish the (first) prototype.

So, the prototype is finished, as it was today. And I looked at it and thought Mmmmm--something doesn't look quite right. And it was the proportion of the body of the sweater.

And so it was back to re-figuring what the new length would be, and re-writing the pattern to accommodate those changes. I think I'll start knitting the (second) prototype tomorrow.

At least I took a break this afternoon from sitting in the house and went down the street to Java where I had a cup of coffee and a Harvest Bar (buttery coffee cake topped with dried cranberries, apricots, dark and light raisins).....yum.

Maybe if I take a break every time I run into a problem with a design or pattern writing and go down to Java, I can grow me a backside that'll fill up a pair of big-ass-mom jeans.

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