Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Knitting Class

The class is really moving along this year. Luis and Sara are two of the more prolific needle-workers in the group; it seems that every week, one of them (at least) has something new to show us.

This is Luis modeling the poncho he made for his mother. She didn't care for the color of the first poncho he made, so this is his second attempt: we're hoping she likes this one because it is beautifully made as well as striking in the color combination. He is amazing: he worked out the stripe sequence himself, added the fringe, and figured out how to add on a stand-up collar. His current project is the Einstein Jacket designed by Sally Melville for her "Knit Stitch" book.

Sara is a crocheter. Last winter, she made a shawl-collared jacket in a deep green, chunky yarn; this is a baby blanket that she made of granny squares. Now she's working on a shawl.

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