Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Book Marches On

On Monday, my preview copy of my book arrived from lulu. I was very nervous about opening the package because I was so afraid of how disappointed I'd be when I saw how bad it all looked. But it looks very good. There are only two issues: the first will be easy for Michael to fix as it involves getting a full bleed on the covers and also on those interior pages that aren't white. The other issue is a bit more complicated: all the photos, interior and cover, printed very much darker than what I sent in. For instance, Siena's face is completely obscured by how dark the photo is. I have questions in to the tech people at lulu to see how this can be corrected. I am, of course, hoping that there is something that can be done at their end rather than my end. Work at my end will probably mean copying and brightening each photo. However, I've done so much work at this point, what's a little more?

I am now on Ravelry. This is Facebook for knitters. It is potentially so addictive it frightens me. I allow myself to visit Ravelry for only 5-10 minutes at a time (the trick is to keep the number of times a day that I visit down to only one or two).

What I'm finding interesting about Ravelry is that, in my notebook section, I can organize my stash. This is actually a good thing, because if I do actually organize my stash there, it means that I have to look at my bins of yarn and categorize them and think about them rather than just shutting my yarn in the closet and pretending that I really don't have that much. When of course I do have that much. Bins and bins of that much.

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