Sunday, March 30, 2008


Enough about Henry (for the time being). He's doing fine. Let's talk about socks today.

I've finished another pair of socks in KnitPicks Essential, using Ann Budd's toe-up pattern plus a seed stitch rib from More Sensational Socks. It took me longer than previous pairs since I've started production knitting for StellaPop again, which does cut into my sock-knitting time. Also, socks are my carry along project on my day out when I'm teaching at ASB (lunch time knitting) but because of the garden work going on, I missed a couple of lunchtimes.

Joan has become interested in sock knitting, so we made a trip to loop to get her sock yarn (and of course I had to pick some up, too, yarn whore that I am). Armed with Ann Budd's toe-up article, complete with step-by-step instructions and charts, Joan got started. The other day, she asked for help with the short-row heel, never having worked short-rows before and not quite knowing what they are or why she'd be using them. When I sat down with her, I realized that I hadn't really paid attention to the instructions, scanning instead of reading and retaining. So we did the short-row heel together, and now I know what I'm doing. And my heel does look better.

So now I can start another pair of socks since my obsession with them hasn't gone away. This pair will be with the Koigu that I got at loop--not sure of the pattern yet, but that shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Yesterday, we went shopping for chairs for our new patio, and ended up getting some very comfortable ones at Ikea. I guess this means that I can sit out there under the tree with some iced tea and knit. What luxury!

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Stephani said...

We have a white cat just like Henry - blockages and all. For Tupper, we switched him to Wysong Uretic dry cat food. Something about the food makes them drink a lot more water and it also helps prevent the crystals from forming (which leads to the blockages). Once our Tupper was given the OK by the vet, we put him on that food - it has made HUGE difference!!! He hasn't had a blockage in over 5 years - before the food it was about 2 times a year.

Good luck!

PS. We did have the special food from the vet, but he wouldn't eat it and it didn't help with the problem, either.