Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In March, I needed an easy, portable project to work on while riding the MegaBus to New York, one that would interest me but not be difficult to execute while we barreled down the Jersey Turnpike.

I cast on while we were waiting in line, tried a few different shapes and stitches while we rode, and by the time we got to East Brunswick, I had settled on a four-section shawl with the outer two worked in Stockinette stitch and the inner two worked in a slip stitch. The rhythm of working it was so right that even when I dozed on and off during the ride home, I didn’t mess it up.

The day I wore it to work, all finished and blocked, both my co-worker and a customer wanted the pattern. So here it is.

It has proven to be quite popular on Ravelry; you can get your copy of the pattern here for $3.00:

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