Friday, April 15, 2011

Tipped and Skewed

Two triangular shawls playing on the idea of placing increases so that the end result is an asymmetrical shape with curved wingspans that hug your shoulders. Both are worked in worsted weight yarn, work up quickly, and when wet-blocked, are much lighter than you'd expect.

Tipped was first:

Stockinette stitch is alternated with a garter ridge, and the edging is ribbing that widens gradually to create an almost-but-not-quite ruffle.

Tipped is available for $5.00; you can get your copy here:

I had so much fun designing Tipped that I wanted to take the idea and push it a bit more. That's where Skewed came in:

Skewed is Tipped Shaw’s bolder cousin: the colors are brighter, the center spine is more than off-center, the garter ridges don’t quite line up, and instead of ribbing, a vertical welt finishes off the bottom edge. The welt edging is worked with short rows to accommodate the curve of the bottom edge.

Through April 30, Skewed is available at the introductory price of $3.00.

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