Thursday, January 10, 2008

Galley: Round One

So I got the first round of galleys this morning in pdf form, and there is certainly editing to do: both my own typos that I didn't catch before, their typos, and a whole lot of layout editing. Certain photos are way larger than what I asked for, there are type-face discrepancies that need to be addressed, and the background color of the pages definitely needs to be changed. I know it's a book of knitting patterns for baby items and I know babies poop, but did the layout people really have to pick a perfect baby poop green for the background?

At first glance, I was disappointed and upset by what I saw, but I quickly realized that these are the preliminary galleys. And the pdfs are low resolution so the photos do not look good at all (which I almost was in tears over until I realized what low.pdf must mean).

I'm going to print out the galleys and get to proof-reading and making layout changes. Fortunately, I'm under no deadline other than my own so I can take deep breaths, and breaks and take my time.

Actually, this is very exciting, and I'm sure it's going to work out well. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

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