Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Step Closer

I've finished the first round of proof-reading and re-laying out the layout and am ready to send it back. It's been a lot of work, more than I anticipated and on so many levels. I don't think I'm naive--I had the expectation that my book dummy would be honored more than it was--so the amount of disregard given was kind of surprising.

In the mail tomorrow, about three weeks to get to the Philippines (they're in Cebu even though, when asked, the representatives say they're in Philadelphia), a couple of weeks of review on their end, and then back to me. As long as it's in their hands, though, I can step back and focus on other things.

Other things such as coming up with designs to submit for consideration to be included in a book (a "real" book); write an article for the AKD newsletter on teaching the blind; and getting photographs of a baby wearing the item I want to submit to knitty. As well as having time to knit more socks.

Meanwhile, I've begun to add links on my sidebar here--blogs and sites that interest me. And even though it's old news and won't be updated (at least in the foreseeable future), I've included a link to Allie's site that she kept while she was in Mexico two years ago. It's interesting and funny; the video on the water heater still makes me laugh. And I'm still impressed at how brave she was, at 18, to go off to Mexico on her own.

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