Friday, February 1, 2008


This is what today has looked like, all day. I did get the trash and re-cycling out before the heavy rain started. Other than going out to the curb in my pajamas at 7:15, I've been in the house all day. Yesterday afternoon, I got to the post office and mailed off the galleys as well as an order, knowing that it was going to be raining today and knowing that I wasn't really going to want to go out. I even bagged having coffee at Famous this morning, it was raining so hard.

I spent the day knitting and doing knitting-related things: I got the pattern for the sweater I'm working on for WEBS typed up, as well as finishing the pieces for said sweater. I just need now to sew the sweater together, put the buttons on, and work in all the loose ends. Then I can send the model and the pattern off to WEBS.

I finished sock #1 of my latest pair: nutmeg-colored fingering weight yarn from Shelridge Farm . The pattern is small, staggered cables, and the combination of yarn, color and design is very good. I love the yarn from Shelridge Farm---I've been buying from them at Stitches East for years and love the colors, weights, and quality. I've made sweaters, hats, shawls and socks from their yarn and am always happy with the result.

Tonight, we're all going out to dinner to celebrate Rebecca's birthday as well as the sale of the condo/loft that we bought when Jon was in college. He lived there for four (!!) years, before he and Rebecca moved to South Philly. They've eaten at Yakitori before and say that it is very good; reminds them very much of places where they ate in Tokyo. Promises to be a good time.

Tomorrow is Rebecca's actual birthday as well as Groundhog's Day. She will be getting another tattoo, this one of a large octopus. We will be getting six more weeks of winter.

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