Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Pox on the Nation

I don't like American Idol. It does little to nothing to promote genuine talent and does much to promote the idea that anyone singing into his or her hairbrush in front of the mirror has talent and a chance to "make it". The judges say nothing that is constructive or helpful to the contestants, and the viewing public bases their votes on appearances and what their dim ideas of good are. The contestants, in general, sound alike, both male and female pushing their vocals through their noses and/or singing from the backs of their throats, trying to mimic whoever was last year's winner.

The somewhat talented who look a certain way are selected, molded, and pushed along until they get pooped out at the end of show looking and sounding like every other half-baked singer out there. No one is new, individual, interesting, or exhibiting any breadth of music knowledge.

It is a dumb show.

For a genuine talent, look at Zenia at the Apollo.

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