Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh My

No knitting images today, just food. This is the mac and cheese pie I made for dinner using leftovers from last night's mac and cheese that I made with cubed turkey ham and peas. Tonight I folded it into a pie crust, topped it with buttered bread cubes and baked until done. Oh my. It was so good. And so filling. Thank goodness there was a lot of fresh broccoli served with it. And there's more. Oh my.

Knitting-wise was pretty productive today: I got the first draft of my article for the AKD newsletter written; I got yarn for and started another hat design for the submissions to the "real" book; and I had a good photo session with Siena, my neighbor/model, for the knitty submission that I'm working on. So, for a Sunday, it was pretty busy. And I get a respite from 60 Minutes this week because the SUPER BOWL is on. Oh my.

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